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At Markoff Leinberger, our business attorneys in Chicago offer individuals and businesses insightful, responsive, and intelligent representation to help navigate through complicated legal matters. Whether you run a small family business or are an individual that had their rights infringed upon, our Chicago business litigation lawyers can give your legal problem the personal attention it needs.

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At Markoff Leinberger, we gladly take on cases for employees and consumers that other firms may deem “too small”. During the past decade, we have represented and secured substantial settlements for workers and individuals. If you have been treated unfairly, we won’t turn you away.

Consumers and employers who are mistreated in the workplace or by merchants often lack the resources to fight back. If you feel that you may have been negatively impacted by an illegal business or employment practice, we can fight to protect your rights.

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Having an experienced business attorney in your corner can help you put a lid on legal issues that could grow into major problems or give you the backing needed to take on a powerful employer or company. Our small team of Chicago-based lawyers has devoted decades to representing clients like you in a wide variety of business law matters. For legal guidance, you can trust, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Request a free consultation by dialing (312) 625-1679 or filling out our convenient online form. Let’s discuss your case and how our business attorney in Chicago can help you best today.

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