3 Common Lawsuits Your Business May Face

Contract torn

A wide variety of disputes can occur in the course of doing business. It is possible to resolve some of them without the need to progress through the courts. However, other situations may require business litigation to achieve the preferred outcome, including the following three issues:

  1. Breach of contract: Contracts exist to manage business relationships and interactions. Your business may use them to cover everything from employment agreements to payment plans and other matters. A broken contract with another party can give rise to a lawsuit that may result in monetary compensation or other remedies.
  2. Intellectual property: It is important to protect your ideas. That is where intellectual property comes into play. It pertains to copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. If another company or person is infringing on your rights as an IP owner, litigation may allow your business to recover financially and/or stop the other party.
  3. Partnership disputes: Many circumstances can lead to partner and shareholder disputes. For example, they can arise over proposed process changes or efforts to introduce something new into the business. They can also occur over matters such as breach of fiduciary duty, dissolution rights, and derivative claims.  Regardless, you will want to protect and benefit from your ownership rights, which may require litigation.

Whether you are facing a lawsuit or someone has infringed upon the rights of your business, it is imperative to contact a business litigation attorney who can assist you in building a strong case. The experienced lawyers at Markoff Leinberger provide guidance and aggressive legal representation to small and middle-market businesses in a diverse range of litigation matters.

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