Are You Being Charged Undisclosed Covid Fees?

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You probably know the feeling of receiving a bill that was higher than you expected. It can happen when dealing with banks, utility companies, airlines, insurance companies, and other service providers. What’s really frustrating is when the source of the discrepancy is a fee that was not disclosed to you in advance. These are called hidden fees, and they may be illegal.

Unfortunately, hidden fees are becoming more common in the wake of the financial difficulties created by the coronavirus. Many companies are attempting to pass the costs of things such as personal protective equipment and enhanced cleaning to their unsuspecting consumers. Here are a few things that our Chicago attorneys want you to know about hidden Covid-19 fees.

How Can I Tell If There’s a Covid-19 Fee?

Some businesses are upfront about their surcharges related to Covid-19. However, others tack extra fees onto your bill without letting you know ahead of time, hoping you won’t notice them.

If you’re worried about paying a premium for certain services, especially when your budget may be tighter than usual, you can inquire about extra fees before making a purchase. When that is not possible, be sure to ask for an itemized bill to see exactly what your charges include.

Common Places That Bill Customers for Covid-19 Costs

Businesses in virtually every industry and sector use hidden fees to boost profits. However, some are more likely to charge undisclosed fees than others amid the pandemic, including:

  • Hair salons
  • Hotels and vacation rental companies
  • Restaurants
  • Retirement homes and assisted living facilities
  • Dentist offices

Fighting Back Against Hidden PPE and Cleaning Charges

If a business has charged you a hidden fee related to Covid-19, you may be entitled to a refund and other legal remedies. Call (312) 625-1679 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced lawyers. We will examine your situation and advise you on your next steps.

Markoff Leinberger proudly serves Chicago and the surrounding areas of Illinois. Our firm can also handle deceptive and abusive billing practice matters for clients across the United States.

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